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Technology Transfer Offices (TTO); are organizations that carry out activities related to efficient and rapid commercialization of academic research results. Among universities, research centers and private sector; They operate in order to provide necessary and needed connections with researchers and entrepreneurs, investors and industrialists.

The main areas in which Technology Transfer Offices operate are:

Module 1. Education, promotion and awareness services: To provide education, promotion and awareness services in order to meet the industry-based research results with the industry, to introduce problems, practices and procedures from industry and real life, and to provide input to education and research.

Module 2. Services for benefiting from support programs: Providing services during the application and management of research projects; Providing support in all transactions of projects before and after application.

Module 3.University Industry collaboration activities (project development and management): To bring researchers together with industry in order to translate the results of the university-sourced research into the product, and to act as an interface between the university and the industry by providing the interaction between the industry and the university for the needs of the industry.

Module 4. Management and commercialization of intellectual and industrial rights: To take an active role in establishing the necessary structures for the protection of intellectual property, increasing the number of inventions and commercializing the inventions.

Module 5. Incorporation and entrepreneurship services: To provide support services for the conversion of an invention containing an innovative idea or competitive method into a product of commercial value, commercialization of this idea following its preservation.


Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University

Our university, named after Plevne Hero Gazi Osman Pasha, was established on 03.07.1992. As of the 2018-2019 academic year, the number of students is 34,747, the number of academic staff is 1228, and the number of administrative staff is 1067.

In Tasliciftlik Campus, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Agriculture, Institute of Science, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Educational Sciences, School of Physical Education, Tokat There are Health School, School of Foreign Languages, State Conservatory, Tokat Vocational School and Research Application Centers. The Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Research and Practice Hospital and the Institute of Health Sciences are located in the city campus.



Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University Technology Transfer Office (TOGU TTO) was established on February 1, 2013 as a unit of the university that has been operating since 2014. TÜBİTAK 1601 is within the scope of the “Call for Creation and Execution of Entrepreneurship Certificate Programs in Universities”, the second of which was opened within the scope of the Support Program for Capacity Building in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As a result of the evaluation carried out in panels created by experts in the field, it has been entitled to be supported as of 2015.

Technology Transfer Office Coordinator (TOGU TTO) is a unit that acts as a bridge between academicians and industrialists at Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University. TOGU TTO is in a structure that communicates with each party for university-industry cooperation practices, evaluates the needs, determines the relevant resources, projects the R&D activities and conducts coordination processes between the parties, and transfers the solutions resulting from the research to the industry organizations in need.

The Technology Transfer Office is a coordinator established at Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University and continuing its activities at Tokat Teknopark A.Ş. to create an interface structure that will facilitate the more intensive use of the information produced in our university by the industry.

TOGU TTO is not a research center, laboratory, academic unit or patent office. However, it is a structure that assumes the task of bringing these together according to the needs on a project basis. Aiming to make university-industry coordination efficient, supporting research studies within the scope of commercial and consultancy; It is a dynamic formation that carries out activities on information, education, project supports, cooperation, intellectual industrial property rights, entrepreneurship and corporatization.


In order to increase competitiveness and earnings in the global economy, it is a need to develop products with high technology. In this context, in order to effectively utilize the scientific potential and research infrastructure of Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University (especially in our Faculty of Engineering, Science, Agriculture and Medicine);

  • To expand and expand our researchers' work with your production activities,
  • Diversifying your standard products with new projects,
  • Thanks to the low cost of laboratory testing of your products,
  • To shorten the transition time to real manufacturing,
  • Development and renewal of your production capacity,
  • Expert support for the solution of possible problems on your Production Line,
  • Evaluation of your R&D and innovation based initiatives and projects,
  • Developing your project production skills,
  • Projecting ideas, establishing national and international partnerships,
  • Coordination related to project management during the execution of the projects,
  • Patent Purchasing and Commercialization of your assets that arise as a result of industry-partnered R&D projects,
  • Matching with our academicians needed for the realization of your project idea,
  • Our Training needs with R&D and Innovation content are met by our Experts,
  • Providing consultancy and support to clustering activities of the same sector companies,
  • Transfer of the information in the field of technological management by the lecturers.

Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University Technology Transfer Office,

With the identity of the interface organization in the field of University-Industry Cooperation, we would like to present our valuable companies with issues such as Innovation, R&D, Technology Transfer at National and International level, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, Technology Licensing, National and International Support Funds, September 2014. Since 2013, Tokat's corporate icon has been designed as a one stop center to serve at Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University.


In line with this mission,

  • To benefit from laboratory experiments and tests that serve in our university,
  • Matching project studies with R&D and Innovation content thesis prepared by our researchers with industrial companies,
  • To benefit from the national and international supports of thesis and project studies, of which twinning activities have taken place,
  • To support the intellectual asset processes of the output of commercial R&D projects that occur between the parties as a result of twinning,
  • To evaluate your project ideas and inventions,
  • It invites to support all kinds of public and private sector cooperation that will contribute to the development of our province, region and country.



At Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, there are approximately 1300 researchers working in many different fields. These researchers continue their activities in related departments, research centers and laboratories.


Research Centers

We have research centers established in Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University with the decision of YOK and specialized in different fields of technology.

  • Scientific research projects,
  • Tokat Technopark,
  • Laboratories and Groups.


Privacy: Privacy is one of the most essential elements in our projects. We are aware of how critical privacy is in multi-partner projects. In this context, we sign a confidentiality agreement with academics and industrialists.

Cost-Effectiveness: By combining only the necessary resources for projects, we ensure that the projects are cost-effective. We reflect the tax exemptions provided by the Technology Development Zones Law (4691, 6170) to our works.

Ability to Work with Multiple Disciplines: Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University has approximately 1300 academicians who are experts in different fields such as medicine, engineering, science, business administration and dentistry. As TOGÜ TTO, we ensure that the relevant academicians take part in the project in all matters required in the projects.

Result-Oriented and Strong Coordination: We evaluate each request we receive as a separate project. First of all, we bring together the relevant resources by determining the most effective and fastest solution to reach the result according to the characteristics of the demand. By coordinating the project; we ensure that the work is done on time, in accordance with the budget and plan.

TOGÜ TTO carries out its activities in cooperation with Tokat Technopark.